Not perfect but perfect for each other

Mornings with Lulu…

Lulu and I met through her previous owner. He cared more about how he looked than how she felt. Kept her in his studio alone for hours and hours at the time, and confessed that he wanted a manly dog, not a little fluff ball like her. Little Lulu had lots of rules to follow and not much fun. No jumping on the bed or the couch. Not allowed in the living room, meaning the 5 x 8 kitchen was her entire world. No windows. Blue pads on the laminate floor to use when she needed to go potty. She went on a short walk in the evening and an occasional ride in the car to be dropped off at a babysitter. The rest of the time she was alone. She had one toy.

For two and a half years!!!!

When I think of her life before she became mine, my heart breaks. For the last few months with her previous owner, he kept her in a cage – the substitute for real potty training.

This sweet, little fur baby was deprived of real love, real play, real sunshine. She ate the cheapest dog kibble, the cheapest dog treats, and didn’t even have a real doggie bed until the second time I babysat her. I went to PetSmart and bought her a cushy Ceaser Milan bed. I also let her on my couch and my bed… Oops. And the second time I babysat her, I got on her owner’s case to either take better care of her, or give her to his kids full-time, or sell her to me.

“Do what’s best for the dog,” I said.

“Go to hell,” he said, or something pretty close to it.

Fast forward about six months and he asked me via a text message if I am still interested in buying Lulu.

“$1000,” he said.

“$500,” I said.

“You gotta get this dog no matter what and save her,” my trusted friend, Jeff, said.

We settled on $700. I bought at least $500 worth of stuff she needed starting with better food and ending with a cute pink outfit, and a sling I can carry her around, snug as a bug, when we go to the store. I also chipped her. Now she’s all mine!

She started out a timid, clingy, scared, and anxious. She’s now confident, fearless, and a total hoot!

I’ve never been committed to another being. She’s never had a being committed to her. Together we are figuring out the commitment thing. She’s figuring out how to get her way while I am figuring out how to train her. She’s cuddly at night and wakes me up. I hate being woken up and I hate pushing her away because she’s just too cute! She’s got a pollen allergy that drives me crazy. I have to pick the buggers out of her eyes several times every day. She gets tired of me kissing, loving, and squeezing her all the time like a stuffed toy. We play tug of war. We go on walk and hikes together. She’s learning how to be nice with other dogs. I am learning how to be around other humans.

A match made in heaven.

Now we are together for life. I can’t wait to see where our journey takes us.

In this blog, I will share our days and our adventures, everything from what we eat, to where we go, and what we like or dislike. Hopefully, other folks out there who love their dogs can find our stories entertaining and helpful. I am learning a lot about raising a dog the right way – happy, and healthy. I’ll share what I learn with all who want to read.

Follow this blog and you’ll stay in touch with us! Sent us a comment, a message, a question, and we’ll write you back.

Cheers to all.

Val and Lulu B.

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