Lulu has an exciting Saturday

Resting in the Sun after our first walk.

Saturdays rock! It’s my only day of the week not working at all. Meaning, Lulu and I get to have a leisurely morning, breakfast and play time before I start cooking doggie food. With an extra bounce in her step, no doubt due to her awesome home-cooked diet, little Lulu went chasing bugs, lizards, and birds at the Elfin Forest with me in tow.

We’ve received a few warnings to keep her on the leash around there because of coyotes who reportedly have attacked dogs in the past. One particular Los Osos resident walking a black Lab kept reminded me every time he saw us scampering around on the boardwalk, literally raining on Lulu’s parade. She loves running, hopping around, grabbing sticks along the way, and in general enjoying a little off leash time. I’ve trained her to stay on the path and she does, even when the bushes rustle with birds just begging to be chased!

He told us a few horror stories and got me scared. So, for a few walks, I kept Lulu on the leash. She’d have none of it. She’d just lay down on the path and look at me sadly. Finally, I decided, the hell with the coyotes! If they want to try to take us, we’ll fight for our freedom to walk off leash! That’s that.

Now, if this sounds crazy to you, you must remember. This little girl braves the biggest dogs in the park, literally barking them into submission! She scared a German Shepperd out of its wits the other day. The dog bolted and his two walkers went chasing after it. My little fury baby turns into a loud, vicious monster like you’ve never seen before. We are working on being nice, for sure, but it seems she picks and chooses who to be nice to. In general, choosing not to be nice to dogs at least twice her size, or extra fury, or just looking at her the wrong way. I mean, Lulu’s got bitch written all over her when she feels the least bit threatened and then she’s ready to bark the face off of the perpetrator. I feel sorry for any coyote attempting an approach.

To that, add the fact that we run, loudly, as I constantly talk to her along the way. Meaning, I am that crazy dog lady you usually laugh at, but hey, if my voice keeps them predators away, I am good with it.

We started at the Elfin Forest and ended up Broderson trail all the way to the top and around the lollypop back home. By then, we had four miles in. More play time to follow, chasing toys, digging a hole under the deck, more toys, a nap. Then I was cooking and she was right there in my feet supervising and testing everything I made. In case I forgot to offer her a sample, she kept walking into me and hopping on her back legs trying to get taller, as tall as it takes to reach a tasty crumb possibly stuck to my fingertips.

Turns out Lulu loves the new turkey and bacon with spinach and green beans food I made her. She practically bit my finger off when I gave her a taste. No sooner than I finished cleaning the kitchen and she was at the front door, scratching to get out. I let her out thinking she just needs to go potty, but no! Little missie sat there looking at me. Meaning, let’s go for a walk. Back to the Elfin Forest we went and this time took the longer rout including a couple of the sandy side trails, making our walk/run/hikes today totaling 5.5 miles. By then I pooped out. But as soon as we entered the front door, Lulu dragged a toy to my lap and started growling. It means, “through the toy, mommy!” And so I did. Like about 30 times!

This dog has way too much energy! Best Saturday ever! What was I doing on Saturdays before I had Lulu? Not sure at all. Can’t remember a single one of them. But this one I will remember. I took a couple of pictures too.


Organic, grass-fed beef?? Really, for a dog? Yep.

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