Lulu goes to the Farmers’ Market


What? I thought dog are not allowed at the Farmers’ market! I hear ya. But Lulu does not know she’s a dog. She thinks she’s a boo-boo, a munchkin or a monster depending on the day, a fur ball. Anything but a dog. Also, she’s the inspiration behind the Doggielicious home-cooked doggie food I am starting to sell at the local Farmers’ Market. That’s right! What started out as me trying to feed my puppy healthier, and going on to feed a few more dogies, is growing into a fun hobby and hopefully spreading the goodness around.

Why should you let your dogs eat sick animal by-products, preservatives, corn, gum, and other strange things humans would never consider? Especially, if you think your dog is spoiled. Hahaha. Lulu knows she’s spoiled. It’s what happens when you’re extra cute.

If you didn’t see my post on how I started cooking dog food and why check out Lulu gives up kibble. 

If you want to come and say “hi” to us at the Farmers’ Market, we will be in Morro Bay, on Thursdays at 2:30 – 4:00 pm. We will be selling home-cooked Doggielicious Food, mostly organic, 60-80% protein. Usually at least 2 flavors, plus 2 or 3 kinds of treats. Everything is packaged in jars.

Pre-order AND bring your jars back to get $1.00 off each jar, small or large. To pre-order, send me an email at I will put you on my doggie lovers email list and send you a note every week to let you know what I am cooking. You will know ahead of time.

So far, we are having fun and hoping the inspire healthy changes in other dogs. Plus, the Farmers’ Market is a place to hang out with the locals. What could be better for a social doggie who loves getting attention?

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