All you need is love.

Before Lulu, I identified as a "cat person." Dogs seemed like a lot of work. People told me how much fun a dog can be, but I'd seen enough videos of people coming home to a house full of couch cushion fluff and a dog hiding under it to be skeptical about the idea. Then... Continue Reading →

DoggieLicious – Oct 23, 2018

Hi, guys. Lulu &  I are cooking Wednesday. We WILL be at the Farmers Market on Thursday in Morro Bay, 2:00 - 4:30 pm. Your pre-orders are greatly appreciated and super helpful! If you can't make it to the Farmers Market, contact me and we can make other arrangements. Thank you in advance! Remember: REFRIGERATE EVERYTHING!  ... Continue Reading →

Lulu goes to the Farmers’ Market

What? I thought dog are not allowed at the Farmers' market! I hear ya. But Lulu does not know she's a dog. She thinks she's a boo-boo, a munchkin or a monster depending on the day, a fur ball. Anything but a dog. Also, she's the inspiration behind the Doggielicious home-cooked doggie food...

Moo With a View

In July, Lulu and I walked and hiked 105 miles! Not a lot for an active human, but four short legs may feel otherwise. Lulu B. likes exploring new places and sniffing around new trails. Which means I have to keep finding places to take her. I never knew how few places one can take a dog to, outside of a dog park and the neighborhood streets...

Lulu has an exciting Saturday

Saturdays rock! It's my only day of the week not working at all. Meaning, Lulu and I get to have a leisurely morning, breakfast and play time before I start cooking doggie food. With an extra bounce in her step, no doubt due to her awesome home-cooked diet, little Lulu went chasing bugs, lizards, and birds at the Elfin Forest with me in tow...

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