Moo With a View


In July, Lulu and I walked and hiked 105 miles! Not a lot for an active human, but four short legs may feel otherwise. Lulu B. likes exploring new places and sniffing around new trails. Which means I have to keep finding places to take her. I never knew how few places one can take a dog to, outside of a dog park and the neighborhood streets.

On a quest for a fun place to walk, our friend Jeff suggested Islay Hill. Off we went through this charming, orderly, and clean neighborhood in San Luis Obispo, Google maps in hand looking for one of the trailheads. We got on it from Spanish Oaks Dr to Sweet Bay Ln. and off the mountain, just in time to watch the sun setting over Madonna and San Luis Obispo.

If you’ve never been there, expect a well-maintained trail, suitable for running with lots of views in all directions. After a zig and a zag up the hill, we found ourselves at the base of a wood pole with a life-size cow perched on it, exploring the surroundings with binoculars. Oh, my!

Moo with a View is an installation by a local artist and part of the Cow Parade in SLO. You know, just one more of those cows you see in random places, each with a different theme, all clever and amazing. Finally, I found myself motivated to research the whole thing. Must have asked a thousand times, “What are these cows all about, anyway?” Now I know. It turns out it’s an international community, art exhibit. But you can read all about Moo With a View and the rest of the moo-ving installations on their website at

Once more, thanks to Lulu, I learn something about my own community, the world, and the human spirit.


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