DoggieLicious – Oct 23, 2018

Hi, guys.
Lulu &  I are cooking Wednesday. We WILL be at the Farmers Market on Thursday in Morro Bay, 2:00 – 4:30 pm. Your pre-orders are greatly appreciated and super helpful! If you can’t make it to the Farmers Market, contact me and we can make other arrangements.
Thank you in advance!
Chicken & Bacon with organic yams, organic spinach, and organic green beans, cooked with organic extra virgin olive oil and homemade chicken broth.
Beef & Liver with organic basmati rice, organic celery, and organic carrots. Cooked with organic, extra, virgin olive oil and organic beef broth.
4 oz pre-ordered = $5 / $6 otherwise.
8 oz pre-ordered = $9 / $10 otherwise.
Please, bring back jars.
Treats are:
Pork Bites (brown rice & egg).
Cheese Treats (brown rice & egg).
12 = $2
26 = $4
Mix & match if you like.
Let me know what you want.
See you all soon!
To order food, email me at,
or text me at 805-909-1401

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