Lulu quits the Farmers Market… but we still make delicious food!


Sitting at the farmers market and looking at the vendors moving heavy boxes, cases, and bundles of goods, Lulu and I reflect on life’s occupations. One of my friends is an electrical engineer and works on some crazy stuff I don’t understand but I do understand the value of an advanced degree that helped him get to where he is, getting paid about $1000 per hour. Yep, you read this correctly. Most farmers, driving around from market to market, breaking their backs day in and day out never get that kind of pay in a single day for several hours of work. Ouch.

Lulu has different complaints, though. She hates sitting around in the car, prisoner like waiting for the clock to hit 4:30 pm. Her only consolation, the occasional familiar person giving her a pat on the head. She’d rather be running, playing, chewing on things, or just snoozing on the couch at home. Meanwhile, the market manager keeps reminding me that dogs are not allowed at the market.

Last week the health department inspector dropped in, walked around all official with a clipboard and frown on his face looking for violations. Lulu slept on the back seat and missed all the fuss helping all of us avoid disaster. After that, I decided, it was time we do something else. I don’t want to leave her home alone for several hours at the time. Plus, this was supposed to be a together thing. She’s the face on the label and the conversation starter, and most importantly, the inspiration and the very reason for DoggieLicious food to exist.

We will continue to cook our yummy nums. We have regular customers ordering directly from us and we feed a dozen or so happy doggies, cooking in my kitchen, for fun, and for pleasure. If you have a dog, live locally, and wish to give our food a try, please send me a message or give me a call. I can be reached at 805-909-1401. Let me know if you want to be on our email list so you will receive info every week on what’s cooking.

This week we are cooking:

Chicken & Liver with organic basmati rice, organic spinach, and organic red beets, cooked with organic extra virgin olive oil and homemade chicken broth.

Chicken & Bacon with organic potatoes, organic celery, and organic carrots. Cooked with organic extra virgin olive oil and homemade chicken broth.

4 oz pre-ordered = $5 /8 oz pre-ordered = $9

Please, bring back jars.

We also have treats. Treats are:

Pork Bites (brown rice & egg).
Cheese Treats (brown rice & egg).

12 = $2 /26 = $4
Mix & match if you like.

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